Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chapter 18 Part III


  • Frederick the Great
    • Enlightened reforms of Frederick the Great
  • Wars of Frederick the Great
    • War of Austrian Succession
    • Seven Years' War
    • Treaty of Paris (1763)
  • Catherine the Great
    • Pugachev Rebellion
    • westernization
    • annexation of Poland
  • Maria Theresa of Austria
    • Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 (review from Chapter 17)
  • Joseph II
    • major reforms -- especially abolishing serfdom

  • What are the reaches and limits of the enlightened despots?  Did the wars of these rulers go against their Enlightened reforms?
  • Why might the Pugachev rebellion have limited the enlightened attitudes of Catherine the Great towards the serfs?
  • Why was Maria Theresa NOT considered an Enlightened ruler?
  • Who was arguably the most enlightened of the Eastern European monarchs?  What makes you say so?

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