Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chapter 21 Part IV


National Convention
The Mountain
Charlotte Corday
Committee of Public Safety
Law of Maximum
Reign of Terror
Law of Suspects
Jacques Hebert
Cult of the Supreme Being
Thermodorian Reaction
The Directory
Coup d'Etat Brumaire


What are the new factions that emerge among the Jacobins in the National Convention? How does this show the revolution taking an even more radical turn?

Who are the sans-culottes and why are they an important influence on the National Convention?

How does the Committee of Public Safety work to bring about economic change and work to strengthen the military?

How did the Reign of Terror work to control internal opposition?

How does the Thermidorian Reaction respond to the radical and anarchistic nature of the Reign of Terror?

How did the Directory work?  To what extent was it effective?

How is the Directory overthrown?


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