Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chapter 16, Part III

Terms to Outline

  • Move towards absolutism under Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles V, and Philip II
  • Escorial Palace
  • Spanish Inquisition -- effect on absolutism
  • Ways the following events contributed to Spain's position of power:
    • monarchs following Philip II: Philip III, Philip IV, and Charles V
    • Spain's defeat in the Thirty Years War
    • Treaty of the Pyrenees
    • War of Spanish Succession

Questions to Consider

  • How did the following monarchs attempt to strengthen the Spanish monarchy, and thus move towards absolutism?  Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles V, and Philip II.  To what extent were they successful?
    • Consider their attempts to unify Spain religiously (through the Inquisition, the reconquista, and the Thirty Years War).  Why was their strategy seen as absolutist?  Why wasn't it successful?
  • Why were the wars in the 17th century particularly damaging for absolutism in Spain?

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