Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chapter 16, Part V

Terms to Outline

  • Restoration
  • Clarendon Code
  • Test Act of 1673
  • Charles II's views on Catholicism
  • Habeas Corpus Act
  • James II
    • reason for overthrow
  • Glorious Revolution
    • Causes
    • William and Mary of Orange
    • Bill of Rights
    • Was it democratic?
    • Locke's Second Treatise of Civil Government
  • English Cabinet System
  • Dutch Republic
    • Centralized government?
    • stadholders
    • religious tolerance
    • Netherlands' economy
      • major industries
      • joint-stock companies

Questions to Consider

  • How was Charles II's rule after the restoration different from his predecessors (James I and Charles II)?
    • to what extent did he get along with Parliament?  Think particularly in terms of religion
  • Why did Parliament overthrow James II?
  • How was political leadership in England different after the Glorious Revolution?
    • To what extent was this new government fully democratic?
    • How did the cabinet system affect the strength of the monarchy?
  • Compare and contrast Dutch political leadership to that of other European nations we studied.  How might religion and its economic structure play a role in the Netherlands' politics?

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