Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chapter 16, Part IV

Terms to Outline

  • Definition of Constitutionalism
    • which countries were more likely to support it?  Why?
    • difference between Republican and and Monarchical Constitutionalism
    • Was constitutionalism a fully democratic system?  Why or why not?
  • Role of the English Gentry
  • Religious issues in England
  • James I
    • absolutist tendencies -- effect on the prestige of the monarchy
  • Charles I
    • relationship with Parliament
    • tax issues
    • Petition of Right
    • rule without Parliament -- the "thorough"
    • "ship money"
    • "Short Parliament"
    • "Long Parliament"
  • English Civil War
    • Cavaliers
    • Roundheads
    • Oliver Cromwell
    • Pride's Purge and "Rump Parliament"
    • Charles's beheading
  • Interregnum
    • Commonwealth
    • Protectorate
    • Cromwell's military campaigns
    • Cromwell's regulation of moral life

Questions to Consider

  • Why did constitutionalism grow in popularity in England?  What does it say about the leadership of James I and Charles I?
  • How and why did religion play a role in the move towards constitutionalism in England?
  • Why, if Charles I was beheaded, did the English restore the monarchy under Charles II?

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